Process Design & Simulation

Converge Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is proud to announce that its Online Certification Course on Advanced Process Engineering Design which takes participants through the workings of both Process Calculations and various Process Simulation Software, has completed 25 batches, training over 200 Process Engineers from all around the world, both freshers as well as experienced individuals.


The course is specially tailored to ensure that participating engineers are thorough with the basic concepts and design calculations required to flourish in the process engineering industry.


The course material puts much emphasis on the practical aspect of the process industry focusing on live project examples and offering hands-on training in Aspen HYSYS (both steady-state and dynamics), Plus, EDR, Flare System Analyzer, FluidFlow, as well as manual calculations using excel spreadsheets.


The course is conducted by Mr. Ajay Satpute, M.Tech (Chemical), IIT Madras; the Managing Director of CEPL, one of the finest process engineers in the country, well known for his strong technical capabilities, innovative solutions, and vast experience.

Advanced Process Engineering Design

The Process Plant Design & Simulation Handbook was developed keeping the following individuals in mind.

It is often seen that engineers aren’t aware of exactly how much they don’t know about plant design. All the important aspects of plant design are compiled together in one place in this handbook along with the step-by-step procedure to carry out sizing using simulation software.

Referring to this book with simulation software (Aspen HYSYS) installed on your PC/Laptop will allow you to learn process plant design and simulation all on your own.

Please read the preface and the TOC provided to learn more.

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