Our Projects

KLJ Plasticizers Ltd. Gujarat

Feed and Detail Engineering of New Plasticizer Plant at Silvassa

  • Batch plant was converted to a continuous plant with 4 CSTR in series reactors.

  • Batch data was used to benchmark Aspen HYSYS simulation model.

  • Equipment sizing (including reactors, pumps, heat exchanger etc.) was carried out.

  • 3D model was prepared in CADWorx.

  • Stress analysis was carried out in Caesar II.

Deep Industries Ltd

FEED and Detailed Engineering for GP-Jaya Project

  • Process simulation, P&ID, OCP, C&E, Datasheets, HAZOP.

  • Mechanical Sizing of equipment

  • Plot plan, GA, Layout, Isometrics, Stress analysis, Specifications.

  • Structural design and drawing, Fire proofing calculation.

  • SLD, UPS specification, cable selection, sizing, MTO.

  • Instrument Index, sizing and datasheets, I&C philosophy, loop diagram, SIL study.

Sika India Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat

Concept study and Basic engineering of polymerization plant in Jhagadia.

  • Concept study with various options was carried out to increase the plant capacity 3 times.

  • Four different options were studied.

  • PFD, H&MB, P&ID, Equipment layout for each option were prepared.

Apex Carbonics Pvt. Ltd., Punjab

Process engineering support for Ammonium Bicarbonate project.

  • Process simulation model was prepared in Aspen Plus for the production of Ammonium Bicarbonate.

  • PFD and P&IDs were prepared.

  • Other process deliverables like Line list, Equipment list, Operating & control philosophy were prepared.

Core Energy Pvt. Ltd

Engineering Services for 4nos. Metro stations.

  • Preparation of process simulation report for line sizing.

  • Preparation of piping layout, Isometrics

  • RFQ for tenders.

  • Foundation for air compressors

  • Instrumentation and Electrical deliverables

HPCL, Mumbai Refinery

Preparation of As-built P&IDs

  • Line walk across various units in the refinery.

  • Preparation of hand mark-up of the plant

  • Drafting in AutoCAD

  • Other process deliverables like Line list, Equipment list were prepared.

Vertellus Specialty Material Pvt. Ltd, Vapi

Consultancy studies for pipe reactor design

  • Calculate overall heat transfer coefficient

  • Recommended suitable PRD and RV.

  • Other process deliverables like Calculation report verification, PFD, P&ID, Control Philosophy and Cause & effect matrix.

Resins & Plastics Ltd

Stress analysis and isometrics for new 8" thermic fluid header

  • Preparation of piping layout and isometrics

  • Preparation of stress analysis report

Tata Consulting Engineers (TCE)

Steady State and Dynamic Simulation for Propylene Pre-cooling, Unloading and Boil off and Flash Gas Generation

  • The objective of this project was to design the new shipping line (from ship to storage tank) for Propylene.

  • Propylene line pre-cooling study was carried out in Aspen HYSYS Dynamics to get the minimum time to pre-cool the shipping line.

  • Adequacy of existing Boil-Off Compressor was also checked for higher load due to Propylene vapor generated due to pre-cooling of shipping line.

Narmada Bio-Chem Ltd., Dahej

FEED for 0.5 million TPA PROM manufacturing facility at Dahej, Gujarat

  • NBCL is the present manufacturer of PROM (Phosphate Rich Organic Manure) with 300 TPD capacity.

  • New plant was designed with 5 times the present capacity.

  • Process design of granulator, rotary heater, rotary cooler, rotary screen etc. were carried out.

  • Process PFD, P&ID, OCP were prepared.

Tata Steel Ltd, Jharia

Consultancy services to increase stowing capacity

  • Modelled the slurry transportation system in FluidFlow software.

  • Several scenarios are simulated. Scenarios included sand, bottom ash from power plants, and LD slag from LD Shops as solid in simulation.

  • Simulation report

  • Process datasheet of the pump, instrument (density meter, etc.)

  • Equipment and instrument vendors to be contacted.

  • TBE

Petrocontracts Ltd, UAE

Various engineering and detailed support work

  • Creep- Fatigue analysis of knockout drum, condensate drum and Butane Dehydrator as per ASME Sec VIII Div I” for Saudi Aramco.

  • Mechanical Design Calculations & Detailed engineering of Sour Water Stripper, Sour Gas Stripper and MEG Still Column.

  • Mechanical Design Calculations and Detailing support works of 4 Pressure vessels (GA drawings and design calculation)

  • Carried out Design Calculation and Nozzle rating verification for upcoming Saudi Aramco Project, AZ Ref: 374.MME

  • Detailed drawings for storage tanks

Mekdam Technologies WLL

3D modelling for 2 emergency diesel generator in PDS software

  • 3D Modelling for new EDG equipment and related Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation cable routing, Structural framing etc.

Datta Hydro Chem Pvt. Ltd., Pune

HAZOP Study for light hydrocarbon processing plant Bhiwadi Rajasthan

  • The study involves systematic checking of P&ID vessel by vessel, or reactor or column and line by line (defined as Nodes), using guide words to help generate thoughts about the way deviations from the intended ‘operating conditions’/ ‘design intent’ can cause hazardous situations.

Petroserv Ltd, Qatar

Detail Design for Fire water network civil works

  • CEPL scope was a part of project “WOQOD bitumen terminal expansion Mesaieed industrial city

  • Design of Anchor & Thrust blocks foundations for U/G GRE Fire water network lines was carried out.

Anchor Offshore Services Ltd / ONGC

Engineering Services for Air Compressor and Dryer Project at NQP, NQO, BHS, ICP & ICG platforms of ONGC

  • Engineering support for installation of 2 nos. compressor & dryer package carried out.

  • Preparation of P&IDs, Control philosophy, line list, utility consumption.

  • Preparation of Equipment layout, Piping GADs, isometrics, specs & datasheets of piping items carried out. Package specs., datasheets for equipment prepared.

  • Preparation of instrumentation specs. and datasheets, IO list, hook up, panel layout, alarm & trip schedule, logic diagram and electrical wiring diagram, motor datasheets, SLD, load list, earthing layout, cable schedule, cable sizing calculations, control schematics.

  • Structural adequacy check for existing structures carried out.

  • Reinstallation of all utility connections, piping, instrumentation etc. as required. facilities.

  • Integration of Air Compressor and Air Dryer Packages with existing DCS system.

  • Mechanical specifications & datasheets of package preparation.

Bharat Oman Refineries Ltd, Bina, MP

Study of Refinery cooling water network hydraulic at BORL

  • The objective of this project is to study present water imbalance problem.

  • Simulation model of the entire CW network is prepared in FluidFlow software.

  • This 3.5 km piping network includes over 170 heat exchangers.

  • Several solutions were provided to BORL based on this simulation study.

Monaco Engineering Services, Qatar/ Qatar Gas

QG1 Fire Water Network Study (Pipenet – Sprinkler and Transient)

  • QG1 fire water system consists of a freshwater storage tank, fire pumps and seawater back up.

  • The firewater networks for QG2, QG3&4, CSP (Common Sulfur Plant), CLNG (Common LNG) Berths, Laffan Refinery Tank Farm, Wastewater Reuse and Recycle (WRR) etc. are connected to the QG1 fire water system and are supplied by the QG1 network.

  • CEPL is involved in modelling the entire FW network in Pipenet – Sprinkler to ensure adequacy of existing system.

  • Several surge scenarios studied including pump trip and deluge valve closure.

  • Surge alleviating recommendations to be provided to client.

Monaco Engineering Solutions, UAE/ Petroleum Development of Oman. (PDO, Oman)

Dynamic Simulation of Gas Sweetening Plant

  • 2.5 MMSCMD of sour gas with 30 ppm H2S and 2% CO2 was treated in Gas Sweetening Plant.

  • Methyl diethanolamine (MDEA) was used as solvent.

  • Dynamic simulation model was prepared for the entire system including Amine Absorber and Stripping column.

  • Several dynamic scenarios (amine circulation pump tripping, Hot oil FCV failure, Increase in H2S and CO2 concentration in FEED, Failure of PCV etc.).

Allied Energy & Hydrocarbons, India

Detail Design services for Early Production Facility in Sudan (Rawat Petroleum Operating Company)

  • End client is one of the biggest O&G producers in Sudan.

  • Early Production Facility was designed for 15000 BOPD.

  • CEPL designed 3 phase separator, heat exchanger, pump, control valves, PSVs, Flare system etc. in Aspen HYSYS.

  • Mechanical datasheets were prepared.

  • Equipment layout was prepared.

Qatar Design Consortium, Qatar/ Dolphin Energy, Qatar

EPC for Additional Three Wells Flow Line Hooks-Up at DOL-2 (Dolphin)

  • Process study to connect 3 new wells to the existing production facilities was studied.

  • Aspen HYSYS Dynamic simulation was carried out.

  • Hydrate formation phenomena was studied.

  • PFD, P&IDs and C&E were prepared. P&IDs were later prepared in SPPID.

  • OCP and Line list was also prepared.

Tata Consulting Engineers, India

Feasibility study to increase the productivity of oil producing wells

  • Production fluid from various wells is processed at a central processing terminal, which has 2 separators in series.

  • It has been observed that the second stage separator is redundant, as most separation occurs in first stage separator.

  • Aspen HYSYS Dynamics simulation model was prepared to study the existing system and proposed system.

  • The increase in the throughput was one of the major output from this study.

Tata Consulting Engineers, India

Engineering Support for Flare Safety studies

  • Several safety studies were carried out for a fertilizer plant in Saudi Arabia w.r.to their flaring system upgrade.

  • Noise study, Dispersion Analysis Report, Radiation Isopleth Report, Radiation Contour Mapping Report were submitted along with recommendations.

Tata Consulting Engineers, India

Steady State and Dynamic Simulation for Propylene Pre-cooling, Unloading and Boil off and Flash Gas Generation

  • The objective of this project was to design the new shipping line (from ship to storage tank) for Propylene.

  • Also Propylene line pre-cooling study was carried out in Aspen HYSYS Dynamics to get the minimum time to pre-cool the shipping line.

  • Adequacy of existing Boil-Off Compressor was also checked for higher load due to Propylene vapor generated due to pre-cooling of shipping line.

Xicon International Limited

Design of tanks, rafters, supporting columns and preparation of fabrication drawings

  • Mechanical design of Tank in E-Tank Software & Vessels in PV Elite Software.

  • Nozzle local load analysis in Codecalc/Nozzle-Pro Software.

  • Roof External structure design in Staad-Pro software.

  • Fabrication drawings in AutoCAD Software and FEA analysis in Ansys.

Cairn India Ltd., Suvali, Gujarat, India

EPC for provision of 3 phase separators system with heating & pumping arrangement.

  • Separation system was designed for crude oil with 7000 bpd oil, 3000 bpd water and 24000 SCMD gas.

  • It involved sizing of heat exchanger, 3 phase separator, pump, control valve, PSV, BDV, line sizing etc.

  • The entire system was simulated in Aspen HYSYS. PFD, P&IDs, OCP, Line list were also prepared.

  • Equipment datasheets, layouts etc. were prepared. TBE was carried out.

  • SLD, Hook-up drawings, Foundation drawings etc. were prepared.

Petrocon ECC, Qatar

Stress Analysis for EPC of replacement of 08ESDV100 and associated hydraulic package at Qatar Gas.

  • An old 7 T ESDV was to be replaced with a new 9 T ESDV.

  • Stress for the existing system with additional load was studied in Caesar II.

  • Piping support requirement was studied and recommended to the client.

Resins & Plastics Ltd

Amino resins at Unit II, Ankleshwar

  • Calculation for utility consumption.

  • Simulation Model for reactor sizing, exchanger sizing and line sizing.

  • Preparation of P&ID with datasheets.

  • Piping GA and isometrics

  • Nozzle orientation, MTO