Role of a teacher

There are only a few teachers, mentors, and seniors who remain very dear to me and in various capacities, they had shaped my professional and personal life. However, the teachers who I liked the most, were not liked by all of my friends. Similarly, the teachers liked by others, were not necessarily liked by me. Many times, on Facebook, I’ve read posts made by my friends on some teacher’s birthday writing many nice things about them, all straight from their hearts and I’ve always wondered whether we were talking about the same individual, as I rarely share their feelings.

When a teacher teaches a subject, he or she does so for all the students in the class at the same time. How is it that only a few understand it well while others do not? The former category of students finds the teacher awesome and the latter, awful, whilst the teacher has taken the same efforts for all. So one can conclude that it is extremely important for a teacher to connect well with all the students.

Last month I visited my daughter’s college for a PTM (Parents Teachers Meeting) where she is pursuing her Diploma in Chemical Engineering. I took the opportunity to ask her teachers what they do to make subjects more interesting considering that all her subjects right from first to the third year, are theoretical. Unfortunately, I could not get a straight answer from anyone.

Not too long ago, one of my LinkedIn contacts sent me a message saying he wanted to buy my book (Process Plant Design & Simulation Handbook) and I connected him to my team. He made a special request that I sign the book for him to which I replied by saying that I’m no celebrity, to which he replied, “Yes, you are as you are a teacher”. That made me think that teachers should be considered celebrities in our society.

Teaching is not a profession, but a great responsibility. A good teacher can make students like a subject and a bad one can do just the exact opposite. So after handing over a batch of 60 students to a teacher, shouldn’t we evaluate the performance of the teacher as well?

Ajay. S. Satpute

May 2022